In 1987, Carolyn Feldschuh was independently trading options on the floor of the American Stock Exchange. Husband Stu Feldschuh had left his job as Service Manager at a large Wall Street computer quote and analysis service and joined Carolyn on the exchange. Four days before Stu’s lease on an exchange seat was to begin, the market crashed. And Black Monday became a bridge to a world of sundaes. At the same time, Herb and Joan Kunitz were retiring from Carolyn and Stu’s favorite ice cream shop, a family business that they had originally opened in 1953. Fiercely independent, the Kunitz’s had bucked the national trend to change their recipes and methods and 35 years later were still making the same creamy ice cream that they had served in the fifties. In early 1988 Snowflake stayed the same, but Mom and Pop changed.